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China's printing industry output value of more than $second in the world

Date:2014-07-28 17:38

State Press and Publication Administration of radio, said the total output value of China's printing industry in 2013 for the first time exceeded one trillion yuan, the scale of the world's second.
The seventh China (Shanghai) International Printing week 3, opened in Shanghai, 18 provinces and cities nationwide 250 printing companies appeared on the same stage.
According to statistics, in 2013 the total output value of China printing industry reached 1039850000000 yuan, than last year growth of 9.3. There are a total of 10.5 printing companies, employing 3415000 people.
Also worth mentioning is that Chinese printing companies in the world are increasingly competitive. In 2013, China's printing processing trade amounted to 83750000000 yuan, than last year growth of 8.5. State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television director Wang Yanbin said that in the past two years, although the overall slowdown in foreign trade, but China's printing industry has maintained a steady growth in foreign trade.
I understand that, Brazil world cup is held, official authorization of the print paper category is "made in China", exclusively produced by Jiangxi Association Tai Printing Company. Chinese printing companies have achieved "out of Asia, to the world".
"China's printing industry has a great potential for overseas markets. More and more Chinese printing companies are turning their eyes on the world." Wang Yanbin said, in the China Shanghai international printing week, China's "international printing market orders integrated service platform" also formally launched, for Europe and the United States and Central Asia Eastern European market, pushing Chinese printing enterprises to undertake overseas business, the platform has been launched in English, will also release the Russian, arabic.
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