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China digital printing market has great potential

Date:2014-08-11 17:37

The report shows that the global printing market is divided into three parts: the United States, Europe and Asia accounted for 1/3 of the global printing market. The total output value of China's printing industry in 2006 has jumped to third place in the world, and the digital printing industry is developing steadily.
From a number of simple typing copy to the rapid development of digital printing, thanks to the continuous development of digital printing technology, and now, people rely on digital printing more and more, in the current cultural needs of the period, digital printing has an immeasurable market prospects.   
The design of the printing process and traditional printing industry, long tedious is the opposite of digital printing is simple, fast and smooth. According to foreign research and development report shows that the global digital printing has entered a period of rapid growth, that is, in 1995 an increase of 4%, in 2000 was 1%, 2006 was 16%, 2010 was 19%.  
Digital contrast gives a clear signal, in the high-end market and fierce competition in the low-end market situation, digital quick printing can occupy the market in the end is still blank, the end of the market, service wide unlimited business opportunities. China's printing industry "Twelfth Five Year" development plan clearly pointed out, to the "Twelfth Five Year" period, China's digital printing output value accounted for the proportion of total output value of more than 20%. This shows that the market potential of digital printing in china.
It is precisely because of the huge market potential of digital printing in China, we can not ignore its development prospects, the need to be reasonable in the digital printing market to find its position, to realize its value.  
Source: China Investment Advisory Network

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